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April 06, 2023 2 min read

ILCA Upgrades For your new boat. What are the most popular

Have you just bought a new ILCA? There will always be parts you will want to change that work better with your sailing style.

A couple of our sponsored sailors have recently collected their new Devoti ILCA s, just in time for the RYA Youth nationals. It is always great seeing and chatting with them, and finding out how and what they change on their boat from standard to help them get to the front of the fleet.

ILCA Adjustable Hiking Strap

There are two methods to do this: the old-style friction method which can be done with just a length of rope and the new-style aero Camcleat option. 

Push Button Pin for Laser/ ILCA Vang

The Split ring that comes as standard with the ILCA vang can be tricky to remove, due to its small size it can become quite difficult to undo the split ring when you are cold, tired and frustrated from a day on the water.

 The ILCA push button pin fixes this problem with one touch! Simply press the small button at the end, this will release the pin and let you take your kicker off with ease. We have options for the Harken Vang and Allen Vang

29mm Carbo Blocks With Bolts 

The standard 16mm block plate blocks are brilliant for most people however due to the small sheave size they can sometimes be less effective when trying to alter your controls downwind with your sail in its furthest out position. The larger 29mm are fixed on with a bolt and there is no chance of you loosing the split ring 

Zhik Grip 2 Laser/ ILCA hiking strap

The Zhik Grip 2 Hiking strap combined with either the Zhik 360 or the 560 sailing boots is the ultimate hiking strap on the market for the Laser/ ILCA. The bottom side of the hiking strap has the same interlocking grip as the top of the boots giving you an unmatched fit and feel with the boat yet when you need to move your feet you can.

Harken 40mm Main Sheet Block 

The main reason our sponsored sailor Jack uses the 40mm ratchet block over the 57mm standard ratchet block is that when you have your control line on and the ropes in the cockpit, he has on occasion got the control line tangled around the mainsheet rope and they would get pulled though the main block, using the smaller block just allows a 6 or 7mm main sheet though with precession.