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December 29, 2018 2 min read

Laser Rig Packages

If you sail a Laser you'll already know that a major advantage of owning a Laser is the quick and easy ability to swap rigs depending on weather conditions.

Speak to most Laser sailors and they'll have a few different rig options, this is especially useful if you want to go faster in the light airs or if you want to control the boat better in the strong gusty conditions.

The Laser is available with three different rig sizes:

  1. Laser 4.7 - Designed for youth sailors with a smaller sail
  2. Laser Radial - 19% smaller than the standard sail and popular with smaller adults, youth and ladies
  3. Laser Standard - the full Laser with larger sail

Rig Package Options

Here at Sailing Chandlery to make it easier to swap between your rigs, or to upgrade we've put together some Laser rig packages which contain everything you need to change your sail size.

To change to a different rig you'll need a different size bottom part of the mast and the various sail size for that rig.

Included in our Laser rig pages are:

  1. The sail - either class legal or training
  2. The bottom mast section - class legal mast section
  3. Sail battens - class legal battens

We also offer rig packages with official class legal sails and also Laser training sails which are ideal for club sailors.

Please note, you can't use the training sails in official class events. Training sails are made and supplied by Laser Performance but are made from a lighter sail cloth.

Rig Package Links

Training Rig Packages

  1. Standard - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/collections/spars/laser
  2. Radial - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/collections/spars/laser
  3. 4.7 - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/collections/spars/laser

Class Legal Official Rig Packages

  1. Standard - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/laser-standard-mkii-rig-package
  2. Radial - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/laser-radial-rig-package
  3. 4.7 - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/laser-4-7-rig-package


If you have any questions about Laser rig packages we would be happy to talk through the options available.