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September 04, 2020 2 min read

Double Braid (Braid on Braid) Rope for Yacht Halyards

Double braid rope, also known as Braid on Braid is a rope that is very popular for yacht and cruiser halyards as well as sheets and other applications.

Braid on braid is traditionally made of polyester with a low stretch polyester core and an outer hard wearing rope jacket. The double braid ropes we offer at Sailing Chandlery are heat set, good on your hands and are also easy to splice.

Heat setting means that once the rope has been braided together it is heat set under load to reduce the stretch when the rope is being used on your yacht.

We offer double braid ropes in different diameters which include 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Other larger diameters can also be sourced along with dyneema rope options too.

Double Braid Rope Colours

We offer the traditional white colour with various fleck colours:

  • White with red fleck
  • White with blue fleck
  • White with yellow fleck
  • White with green fleck

We also offer melange options which are a mix of a solid colour and white and give your yacht a more modern feel:

  • Blue and White
  • Red and White
  • Black and White

Double Braid Splicing

Did you know we also offer a rope splicing service for your yacht ropes?

We can put hard or soft eyes into ropes and also make you up custom systems that will match your exact requirements. Want us to also attach a shackle or other item? Simply get in touch with your requirements and we'll turn your order around quickly.

Explore our Double Braid Ropes

Explore all of our Double Braid ropes on our website. You can also view our full range of ropes suitable for yacht halyards.

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