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December 04, 2020 2 min read

5 Ways You Can Use Ronstan Shocks on Your Boat

Ronstan shocks are available in two sizes and act as a sheaveless block. Less likely to fail and long lasting these hardwearing shocks are available in four bright colours.

With no moving parts shocks provide ultimate durability and are maintenance free. They are ideal where sand and grit would get into a bearing system or where regular flushing out isn’t possible. Their design and smoothness also makes them kind on your ropes. As with any sailing product it is always recommended to rinse the shocks after going sailing.

The smaller Ronstan shocks come as a pair of two together. The larger shocks are sold individually.

Small Ronstan Shocks

Large Ronstan Shocks

Ronstan Shock Specifications

Ronstan Shocks

Small Shock

  • Rope Size - 1.5mm - 5mm
  • Height - 8.5mm
  • Width - 14.9mm
  • Length - 22.9mm
  • Max Working Load - 175kgs
  • Breaking Load - 350kgs
  • Weight - 2.5g

Large Shock

  • Rope Size - 3mm - 10mm
  • Height - 14.5mm
  • Width - 24.8mm
  • Length - 36mm
  • Breaking Load - 1,000kgs
  • Weight - 12g

5 Uses for Ronstan Shocks

  • Trapeze System
  • Kicker Purchase System
  • Line Deflector
  • Soft Attachment Block
  • Outhaul System

Trapeze System

Use Ronstan shocks for your trapeze systems as the turning point to lift you up and down when on the wire. You can splice onto one end of the shock and run the adjuster rope through the other end for smooth adjustments.

Kicker Purchase System

Your lines will run smoothly through your kicker system if you use a shock. You can splice your 12 strand dyneema onto one side while the adjustment line runs through to pull the system tight.

Line Deflector

Deflect lines around your boat, or keep them within arms reach using a shock. You can tie, lash or splice the shock into position and run your ropes through the other side.

Soft Attachment Block

Replace your soft attachment blocks with a shock. Easier to splice or lash onto and they are less likely to fail.

Outhaul System

We've seen Ronstan shocks used for outhaul systems on Lasers and other similar dinghies. The advantage is you can pass a shock through a dyneema loop to secure the outhaul to the sail and it's a very lightweight solution.

Ronstan Shock Questions?

If you have any questions about the Ronstan Shock, or any of the other products we sell here at Sailing Chandlery then please get in touch.