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August 17, 2018 4 min read

Laser Sailing - How to get started

So, you're looking into Laser Sailing but maybe you're not sure how to get started with buying a Laser and keeping it sailing. Well you've come to the right place, as an authorised Laser Performance boat and parts dealer we can help.

First of all, it's important to say the Laser is a great boat, first introduced at the 1971 New York Boat Show it's gone from strength to strength with it being the choice of Olympic sailing for both men and women and with over 200,000 being built to date. In the UK there is a very active class association with events up and down the country with hundreds of boats attending the larger events.

Laser Sailing Boat Key Facts

  • Year of design - 1969
  • No of sailors - 1
  • Draft - 0.787m
  • Hull weight - 58.97kg
  • LOA - 4.2m
  • LWL - 3.81m
  • Beam - 1.39m
  • Rig types - Standard (full rig), Radial and 4.7

Laser Sailing

Buying a Laser Sailing Dinghy

There are two options when buying a new Laser sailing dinghy.

The large majority of people starting off with a Laser will buy second hand, there are a number of places in the UK where you can source a second hand Laser, here are just some examples:

  • Apollo Duck
  • Dinghies and Dinghy Bits for Sale Facebook Group
  • Yachts and Yachting Magazine
  • Club Notice Boards - worth looking at a busy Laser Sailing club

If you are thinking of buying a new boat then you've come to the right place. Sailing Chandlery have boats readily available and can tailor a package to suit your sailing needs.

The easiest way to get started is to review the Laser boats for sale on our website along with prices and then give us a call to tailor your package.

You can call us on 07793 953564.

Which Laser rig?

The superb thing about the Laser is that it can be a boat for many different people and is especially a great boat for smaller youth sailors who will grow over time and can simply swap in and out the three different rig options.

The rigs available are:

  • Laser Standard - traditionally for men
  • Laser Radial - traditionally for lady and youth sailors
  • Laser 4.7 - traditionally for youth sailors

Laser Sailing - Types of Rig, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial and Laser Standard

Although the above is what has typically happened in the past we've seen plenty of female and youth sailors sailing a Laser standard, it's simply down to personal preference. You could have a full (standard) rig for light winds and then a radial for the windier days.

You'll save a bit of money on a Laser 4.7 sailing boat because the sail is slightly cheaper. The radial and standard sails are the same price so the boat package prices do not differ.

What's included with a new Laser boat?

Many Laser dealers (Laser Performance included) will give you a price that looks attractive until you realise that a launching trolley and boat cover isn't included. For us these are essentials for when you're buying a new boat so we've created packages which include these essential items.

If you were to buy a package from Sailing Chandlery you would receive the following:

  • Hull
  • Spars to include mast sections (depending on rig chosen) and boom
  • Carbon composite top mast section
  • Foils
  • Tiller and tiller extension
  • Class Legal Sail (depending on rig chosen)
  • Rope pack
  • XD kit
  • All blocks and pulleys needed
  • Toe strap
  • Launching trolley
  • PVC boat cover (polycotton breathable covers are also available as an extra)

This is essentially everything you need to get sailing and to start to enjoy your brand new Laser.

Additional options such as different sized rigs, road trailer, under cover and much more are also available - let us tailor a custom package for you, you won't be disappointed.

Spare Parts

Have you bought an older boat and need to get it refreshed?

As one of only a few official Laser Performance dealers in the UK we are able to help and carry a large range of Laser parts and spares in stock ready for dispatch.

In our experience, the most popular upgrades for a Laser purchased second hand are:

  • XD kit upgrade - many older Lasers still have the traditional control line systems
  • New sail - there are three different types of sail - Training, Class Compliant and Class Legal - you might not need to spend the money on an official class legal sail
  • Different rig - we provide rig packages so you can get everything you need as one tailored product
  • Zhik Laser Toe Strap
  • New ropes
  • New bailer

Time to Learn

This is all about time on the water, get out there, start sailing and enjoy the Laser sailing dinghy.

If you want the best reading on the Laser we would recommend The Laser Book.


Got questions? We're always happy to help, whatever the question please contact us and ask away.