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Boat Winter Maintenance Essentials

November 07, 2018 3 min read

Boat Winter Maintenance Essentials

For many sailors the winter is a time to hang their wetsuit up and get on with the decorating at home....

Also on your list of jobs might be some tasks to get your boat ready again for the 2019 sailing season. If you're anything like me you'll make the list in October and maybe get to it by Feburary, if you're lucky - this is the year to get the jobs done early.

Most Popular

Over winter, here are the items we find most popular with our customers.


Got those dings and scratches to repair, if you can get the boat into a dry location then we've got the gelcoat for you.

We are also the authorised Laser dealer for the new Ice blue colour gelcoat.

Pro Grip

A seriously messy and time consuming job, especially if you've got to get the old stuff off.

Pro Grip is popular with skiff and dinghy sailors as a way of providing more grip on your wings or hulls in important places, it can also be used for protection of the deck in critical areas.

We sell 2mm pro grip in a grey/black colour and it comes in large sheets - cut it to the size you need, grab some Thixofix and stick it onto your clean surface.

Slot Gaskets

Maybe a job for the summer if you can't get the boat into a warm dry location - if you don't do this job in the right conditions then they're going to fall off again, most likely during the first race of the season.

We sell handy slot gasket packs which come in different widths and with the glue you need to complete the job.

Boat Polish

Once you've finished the jobs above it would be rude not to give the boat a good clean and polish. We have both McLube speed polish and SpeedSix hull coat in stock, they are both perfect for giving your boat the finish it needs to repel the water and go faster.


Currently we have a huge range of Harken blocks and a selection of Allen pulleys in stock.

Any Harken dinghy part you can think of we're very likely to have it on the shelf and waiting for you. Check your springs, check your ratchets and revitalise your cleats!


Got that faded tatty old looking rope, tapers looking a bit shoddy, maybe your cleats have led to the end of your soft on the hands sheets - we've got you covered.

With over 100 reels of rope in stock we can supply you with 1 meter or a full reel for that re rope project, we also take on splicing work if you're not comfortable.

Make sure you also ask us about our rope bargain bucket, there's plenty in there at the moment and I am sure we can find you a match for your task.

Splicing Tools

You're likely to have more time in winter so why not buy some splicing tools and give yourself some practice.

We sell products from Selma, D Splicer and many more which will help you to get the best finish on your ropes.