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December 05, 2019 1 min read

Win a Harken Calendar and Cap

It's time for your chance to win here at Sailing Chandlery.

If you choose to sign up for our newsletter in December then we'll enter you into a draw to win a Harken calendar and cap. We'll also send you further news and interesting articles.

You'll need to provide your email address and we'll provide the chance of winning the Harken items. It's important to note that you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time should you wish.

The newest edition of Sharon Green’s Ultimate Sailing Calendar catapults you around the globe with unique perspectives and compositions of the sport. Sharon and her invited contributors have proven once again “the shoot to thrill”: In pursuit of the “ultimate sailing” photographs, they hang from helicopters 25+ miles offshore, cling to chase boats, and muscle with underwater housings. Each edition of the calendar brings the best images of the year in yachting competition.

Harken Calendar and Sailing Cap