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October 31, 2017 5 min read

Sailing Christmas Gift Guide 

Christmas is coming and soon it will be upon us, get in early and buy the sailor in your life the perfect gift.

Sailing Chandlery have many gifts for sailors available at great prices.

Here are the top 10 items we would recommend for the sailor in your life.

  1. Sailing Knife
  2. Dry Bag
  3. Sailing Visor
  4. Sailing Cap
  5. Optimum Time Sailing Watch
  6. Zhik Spandex Rash Vest
  7. PFD Buoyancy Aid
  8. Zhik Kit Bag including Dry Bag
  9. Gift Voucher

Sailing Knife

There are three best sellers from within our tools and knives category, these are the yellow floating sailing knife, the rescue knife with hook cutter and the handheld rope cutting tool (hot knife).

The yellow floating knife opens and closes with the blade tucking into the handle. The handle is 12cm in size and the blade is 7cm. The knife blade has a rounded end for safety.

The red rescue knife has a blade which is 6.4cm in size, it also has a sharp hook to you can pull against items to cut through them.

One of the most innovative tools is the Handheld Rope Cutting Tool which is a gas powered hot knife, simply fill it with lighter fuel (butane) and then flick the switch for it to light and heat up. Once hot you can simply hold the knife against the rope and work your way through leaving a clean seal. This is ideal for the boat park! The hot knife will comfortably cut through 6mm ropes.

Alongside the best sellers we also have the D Splicer Ceramic Knife and D Splicer Scissors which are worth a look.

Please note, you’ll have to be 18 years of age to purchase a sailing knife.

View our sailing knives

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Sailing Knives

Dry Bag

Sailing Chandlery currently stock dry bags from Zhik and also Aquapac.

They are available in 7 litre through to 50 litre and make a perfect gift for that person who is always on the water. You can safely take your phone out sailing with you, or maybe you just want to keep your sandwiches dry!

View our dry bags

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Dry Bag

Sailing Visor

The Zhik Sailing Visor is a perfect stocking filler for any sailor. Available in a range of colours they are comfortable and include a moisture wicking material around the forehead to control sweat.

View the Zhik sailing visor

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Sailing Visor

Sailing Cap

The Zhik Sailing Cap comes with a 2:1 velcro adjustment, a comfortable and tight fit, tough construction and glare reduction. To add to those great features it’s also lightweight and quick drying.

Available in various colours.

View the Zhik sailing cap

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Sailing Cap

Optimum Time Sailing Watch

A fantastic and popular sailing gift for any sailor whether they are sailing dinghies or yachts we have the perfect watch for you in stock and waiting.

Optimum Time have been the leaders in sailing watches for quite some time now, you’ll struggle not to see one of their series 3 (big yellow) watches out on the race course wherever you go.

Series 11 Sailing Watch

The series 11 is a great wrist watch with all the functions a sailor would need. The sailing watch is available in six different colours and has an integrated PU strap.

Series 3 Sailing Watch

The series 3 big sailing watch is available in yellow, white, blue or pink from Sailing Chandlery. This is the ultimate sailing watch for racers with big easy to read numbers, it can also be attached to the boat or to the sailors wrist.

View our range of sailing watches

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Sailing Watches

Zhik Spandex Rash Vest

Add some colour to your sailors kit with a Zhik Rash Vest. The Zhik spandex range is available in three different cuts, a vest, short sleeve or long sleeve.

Rash vests can be used all year round depending on the type of sailing you are doing. If you are a dinghy sailor then you are likely to put one over the top of all your kit to keep it tucked away and snag free. In youth sailing the vests are popular for this, with catamaran sailors the long sleeve rash vests are also popular.

Remember that Zhik rash vests also offer UV50+ protection from the sun.

View the Zhik Rash Vests

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Zhik Rash Vest Spandex

Sailing Helmet

Cyclists wear helmets all the time now, so why shouldn’t sailors? You never know what’s going to happen out on the water, especially if you are sailing a high performance boat where thrills and spills are guaranteed. A helmet can also be excellent when you are learning to sail as the boom is quite often forgotten during turns.

The Zhik Sailing Helmet was voted as the number one helmet by Sail World during a comparison of similar products available to sailors.

It features a thin profile, moulded inner channels for airflow, hydrobase lined internal padding and is EN1385 approved.

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Sailing Helmet

PFD Buoyancy Aid

By far the most popular gift in 2016 the PFD buoyancy aid from Zhik is available in six colours from Sailing Chandlery.

The standard Zhik PFD has neoprene shoulder straps, front pocket storage, side zip entry and a buckle to secure you in. You’ll also find a handy strip of grippy material inside which helps prevent the buoyancy aid riding up if you were to fall in the water.

The P2 PFD is the new offering which is available in two colours, this is more expensive but has the ability to add impact protection padding and has a closer fit.

View the buoyancy aid range

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - PFD Buoyancy Aid

Zhik Kit Bag including Dry Bag

The Zhik Regatta Sailing Bag is the ultimate sailing bag and comes complete with a dry bag for your wet kit.

The sailing bag can be carried as a back pack or on your shoulder. The bag comes complete with side pockets and uses heavy duty nylon fabric which is water proof.

There won’t be any problems getting all of your kit into the bag as it has a wide zipped opening which makes it easy to get everything in.

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Sailing Bag

Gift Vouchers

Make sure the sailor in your life gets exactly what they want, and in the right size. Yes gift vouchers are not great to open on the day but Sailing Chandlery sailing gift vouchers allow the person to purchase anything from the Sailing Chandlery website.

Our sailing gift vouchers are available in £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £50, £75 and £100.

Sailing Gift Vouchers

Sailors Christmas Gift Guide - Sailing Gift Vouchers


We appreciate that you would like to get prepared, buy early and also help spread the cost of Christmas. That’s why we are going to be offering returns and exchanges for any gift purchased in November and December up until the 14th January. Please do take a look at our returns policy, other areas of the policy still apply.


We are always happy to take questions about all of our products, the quickest way to get an answer is to phone us but please do feel free to drop us an email too. You can call 07793 953564 or email info@sailingchandlery.com.

Happy shopping!