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December 30, 2018 2 min read

Zhik PFD Buoyancy Aid

In this article we are going to take a look at one of the most popular Zhik sailing products we have in stock, the Zhik PFD.

Available in a number of different colours the Zhik PFD buoyancy aid has been popular since we added them to the shelf. As well as the original PFD we also stock the PFD2 which is designed to be closer to your body and would be ideal for skiff sailors.

Currently we stock the following colours in the original PFD:

  1. Cyan Blue
  2. Grey
  3. Black
  4. Pink

Explore all of the Zhik PFD Buoyancy Aids on our website.

Zhik PFD Features

Although the PFD looks like a simple sailing product and much like other buoyancy aids from other manufacturers Zhik have added a few simple but very effective features.

Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Grip on the inside to stop the buoyancy aid riding up if you happen to end up in the drink
  2. Drainage holes in the pocket to allow water to come out
  3. Extra layer of material on the pocket entry to stop water coming in
  4. Neoprene comfortable shoulders
  5. Tapered foam so you won't get caught on that trapeze line or shroud as moving around the boat
  6. Large easy to put on plastic zip
  7. Adjustment with a big clip together strap

By far, the best thing I like about the Zhik PFD is the quality of the product. Mine was purchased in 2010, I've sailed loads of different types of boats since then spending many hours on the water and it still isn't showing any signs of wear, a top quality, top made sailing product.

Would I recommend it? Yes of course, without any thought based on my experience of using the product.


Got any questions about the Zhik PFD or another product? Please feel free to contact us either by e-mail or phone, we are always happy to take your questions.