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September 16, 2019 1 min read

SpeedStix Laser Carbon Tiller Extension

Laser 4.7 National Champion and Sailing Chandlery sponsored sailor Jack Graham-Troll reviews the Laser Carbon Tiller Extension from SpeedSix.

If your looking for a very strong but lightweight and comfortable carbon tiller extension, then the SpeedStix tiller extension from Sailing Chandlery is the one for you.

The SpeedStix Laser carbon tiller extension is very strong, lightweight and comfortable to sail with and its low bend characteristics give a very positive and responsive feel. The grip is manufactured into the carbon weave so it doesn’t wear off, unlike other carbon tiller extensions which use grip tape that wears away over time. The grip contours allow your hand to slide consistently down the tiller and provide a firm holding position when required.

With many different sailing styles and techniques, it’s great that the SpeedStix carbon tiller extension comes in a wide variety of lengths to suit you as an individual sailor. As a Laser sailor, it is especially important for me to use an extension longer than standard. It allows me to get into a comfortable hiking position and optimise rudder control whilst conserving energy and reducing muscle fatigue.

The SpeedStix carbon tiller extension is a fantastic upgrade and made a positive contribution towards my 2019 Laser 4.7 National Championship success.

Jack Graham-Troll

Laser 4.7 National Champion 2019

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