Forward WIP PRO Trapeze Harness

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Forward WIP Pro Harness with Lumbar Support

The Forward WIP PRO trapeze harness has an adjustable and removable lumbar belt for extra back protection.

Developed with the physio team from the French Sailing assocation, the support effectively keeps the lower back in position. This makes this trapeze harness ideal for long days on the water, long training sessions and raids, or for people with back problems.

The lateral tension is ensured by straps and velcro strips that take up the effort. Twp clamping positions are available which makes each size very versatile. In addition nothing moves once the belt is fixed in place.

Easily adjustable, the PRO harness also features a reinforced neoprene crotch for added comfort. A large metal bar (stainless steel) at the hook, covered with textile, avoids the risk of crushing the pelvis.

Harness Features

  • Lumbar belt designed in partnership with the French National sailing team, height adjustable and removable
  • Sleek harness, no straps to come to interrupt you during your maneuvers, adjustment by velcro
  • Large strapeze bar to prevent hip crushing
  • Padded crotch support with a comfortable neoprene fabric
  • Reinforced seat with Kevlar abrasion resistant fabric
  • Easy to set and adjust
  • Belt used by Billy Besson at the 2016 Olympic Games in the Nacra17
  • Can be worn with max lumbar support

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