Harken 29mm Fly™ Block

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Harken 29mm High Strength Fly™ Block

The new Harken 29mm soft-attach Fly block has been designed to provide strength without mass, providing sailors with big power in a low-aero package.

The pulley is made with a plastic casing, titanium sheave and stainless steel ball bearings.

This pulley block is perfect for high load lines, think the top of cascading systems, kite halyards on catamarans and downhaul systems. The 29mm efficient block has an incredible working load for the small size.


  • Sheave size - 29 mm
  • Length - 44 mm
  • Weight - 26 g
  • Maximum line size - 7 mm
  • Maximum working load - 350 kg
  • Breaking load - 700 kg

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