Zhik Size Charts

Zhik Size Charts

Here at Dinghy Rope we appreciate that ordering online is tricky when it comes to shoes, boots and clothing for sailing. We've created this Zhik Size Charts page to show you all of the various sizes available from Zhik and to help you make an informed decision. Don't worry if you do get it wrong, we offer a returns service where we can swap your kit out for another size if it doesn't fit.

If you do have any questions then feel free to give us a call on 07793 953564 or email us info@dinghy-rope.co.uk - we're more than happy to help and give advice based on our experience.

Don't forget we offer 10% off your first order with us and FREE shipping on all Zhik clothing and accessories.

Zhik Mens / Unisex Size Charts

Zhik Mens Unisex Size Chart

Zhik Womens Size Charts

Zhik Womens and Ladies Size Chart

Zhik PFD Buoyancy Aid Size Charts

Zhik PFD Buoyancy Aid Size Chart

Zhik Sailing Boot Size Charts

Zhik Sailing Boots Size Chart

Zhik ZKG Sailing Shoe Size Charts

Zhik ZKGs Size Chart

Zhik Sailing Glove Size Charts

Zhik Glove Size Chart

Zhik Trapeze Harness Size Charts

Zhik Trapeze Harness Size Chart


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