Zhik Power Pad Hiking Pads

by Andrew Dowley
Zhik Hiking Pad

Zhik Power Pads II have been evolved from the original Zhik hiking pads and have new improved features.

Zhik have designed their hiking pads to be more streamlined and comfortable with pre-shaped pads that mould easily to your leg shape. The new fit will support a wider range of movement while you are hiking out of your boat. They also have the ZiBand™ silicone banding on the inside to help prevent movement up and down your leg.

The major advantage of Zhik power pads over any other type of hiking pad is the ability to adjust the layers for different wind strength. If it's blowing a force 6 you are going to want to have maximum support to protect your legs. In lighter conditions you might just want a gentle cushion to make it more comfortable when hiking on the gusts.

The images below show how the hiking pads can be adjusted for different wind strengths, or for your personal preference. You'll then also see the key features explained.

Zhik Power Pad Hiking Pads - how to adjust for wind conditionszhik hiking pad features

Key Hiking Pad Features

  • Streamlined design with minimal bulk
  • ZiBand™ silicone banding on inside to minimise slipping and movement
  • Pre-Shaped pads conform to legs
  • Reinforced durability in high wear areas
  • Improved pad contruction and shape
  • Grants wider range of movement when hiking

Wearing your Zhik Power Pads

Zhik recommend that their hiking pads are worn underneath your wetsuit, this prevents them getting caught as you move around the boat, it also prevents the wetsuit getting in the way and allows the ZiBrand silicone bands to work.

If you are always sailing a hiking boat then you might be interested in the hiking wetsuit range from Robert Scheidt, see the Microfleece hiking wetsuit for more information. This wetsuit is also available as a Superwarm suit for winter hiking.

Zhik Power Pad Size Chart

Below is the size chart for the Power Pads, this explains leg circumfrance to the size of Power Pad you are likely to need.

Zhik Power Pad Size Chart


As usual, if you have any questions about the Zhik Power Pads or hiking clothing in general then please give us a call on 07793 953564 or email info@dinghy-rope.co.uk.

View the Zhik Power Pads product page.


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