Zhik Aroshell Smock - The ultimate spray top

by Andrew Dowley
Zhik Aroshell Smock - The ultimate spray top

Lets get straight to the facts on this one. WE LOVE OUR ZHIK AROSHELL SMOCK!

It is such a fantastic and versatile product. So far this year we've used it for sailing on both of our catamarans in windy and wet conditions and also while keelboat racing earlier in the year. With the forecast tomorrow it's likely we'll also be wearing it on shore in the rain tomorrow while boat rigging.

£199 might seem like a weird price tag for a spray top but we can ensure you it's worth the money. This isn't a normal spray top, it has many features and is made from Aroshell material which is a lightweight performance shell with stretch.

The Aroshell material from Zhik has recently been tested independantly by an Australian University and they found that it was more waterproof than some of the other sailing manufacturers ocean sailing gear!

Smock Product Features

  • Adjustable neck, wrist and waist seals
  • Adjustable smoothskin neoprene waist seal
  • Waterproof pocket zippers
  • 3-Layer performance shell
  • Breathable

The Zhik Aroshell Smock is designed to be fast, light and comfortable on and off the water. A fantastic spray top ideal for full wet weather protection combined with minimalist style.

When keelboat racing we combined the top with our Kiama Trousers to keep the spray off and us protected from the wind. Underneath we had a simple base layer trouser and top combo, this kept us lovely and warm on April sailing days where we had a mixture of wind and weather conditions.

On our catamarans we add the Aroshell smock as a final overlayer to keep the wind and water off. It also has the benefit that it can be folded up quite small and put in a pocket while sailing, you can then pull it out if you need it.

If you have any questions about the smock or it's features then please do contact us.

Find out more about our Zhik products by browsing our website. You will also find the black aroshell spray top and ash aroshell spray top on our website.


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