What you might like to take on your next mini sailing adventure

by Andrew Dowley

The Checklist: What you might like to take on your next mini sailing adventure

When setting sail for a slightly longer trip or adventure you might have a slightly longer checklist of essential items to take.

At our local sailing club we have a keen bunch of sailors who set off on a mini adventure on the first Saturday of every month. Okay, they mostly head to a pub for lunch then back again but they always make sure they’ve got the essentials on board.

Here’s a list of things the team here at Dinghy Rope think you might like to take along on your next sailing trip.

The Basics:

  1. Food & Drink -- It goes without saying that you’re going to need some sustenance when out on the water. Take water (even though you’re surrounded by it -- good luck purifying that any time soon!) Also, bring food. Light snacks preferably -- granola bars and chocolate, raisins and nuts, etc. Think energy.
  2. Personal Floatation Devices (Life Jackets/PFDs) – If you’re not wearing one then you should be! Especially if you’re sailing a smaller dinghy where anything can happen within the click of your fingers.
  3. First Aid Kit -- Again, something of a no-brainer if you have somewhere to keep it dry and safe. It’s always handy to keep a first aid kid somewhere easily accessible if you’re going on a longer trip.
  4. Sunscreen -- Pretty self-explanatory. If you’re going out on the water for any extended period of time, and your arms and neck will be exposed pretty much all the time, it’s a good idea to put on some sunscreen.
  5. Sailing cap – To go with the suncream it’s essential to keep the sun from your head on a sunny day (we know those days are rare). Don’t get caught out with heat stroke, always take a cap of other hat with you. Also remember to tie it on.
  6. Dry bags -- Dry bags are the perfect waterproof bag for storing any miscellaneous gear in! Fresh clothes, perhaps, snacks and drinks, etc. Dry bags are your saviour out on the water, an excellent tool for keeping that first aid kit dry.
  7. Sailing gloves -- These aren’t overly necessary, but they will help immensely when you’re gripping ropes over a long period of time. The windier it gets the more likely you are to wear a pair of sailing gloves.
  8. VHF Radios -- Probably one of the last things on this list you might take on a mini adventure but it’s an easy way to get in touch with help if you need it.
  9. Spare Harken Blocks and parts – Only if you take a couple of small items as spares, sailing blocks are a good idea. Dinghy Rope offer a good range of Harken blocks that will help you if you have a mini drama on your adventure.

This list, while not all-encompassing, will give you a good idea of the items you might want to consider taking sailing with you. Remember that all good trips begin with good planning and preparation. And an integral part of that is ensuring that you’ve got the right sailing accessories and sailing equipment to complete a safe trip, even if it is to a pub the other side of the river.


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