Watch out for the Olympic athletes wearing Zhik clothing and sailing kit

by Andrew Dowley
Nick Zhik Sailing Clothing

This Friday sees the start of the Olympic Games, the ultimate sailing event for the various sailors across the Olympic sailing classes.

You'll notice that many of the sailors are wearing Zhik sailing kit, this includes the British Sailing Team. What you probably don't realise is that the sailors wearing the kit sail for over 250 days a year - this is across a range of conditions during winter and summer. They're also feeding back directly into Zhik, providing them with comments and ideas to make every piece of kit better.

At Dinghy Rope the only sailing clothing we sell is Zhik. That's for one simple reason, it's the best sailing kit you can buy on the market today. We truely believe that Zhik are 5 steps ahead of any other sailing clothing manufacturer and we would be happy to discuss the reasons why with you.

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