Types of Dyneema Rope

Dyneema has very quickly become the leading material for performance ropes including halyards, control lines and sheets.

With so many different types of dyneema available we thought it would be helpful to explain the various types along with some of the products we sell as online rope suppliers.

SK75 - for many years SK75 dyneema was the strongest Dyneema available and the standard material that everybody understands. SK75 is now being used less and less with SK78 becoming the standard.

SK78 - has become the standard grade used in most ropes. SK78 has the same strength as SK75 but offers less stretch than the SK75 dyneema.

SK90 - SK90 offers approximately 10-15% strength improvement over SK75 and SK78 dyneema. SK90 isn't used in any of the products we sell, it has been over taken by SK99 dyneema.

SK99 - this is the latest type of dyneema launched in 2013. SK99 has 20% more strength than an SK78 dyneema rope. With increased performance comes additional cost, we only have SK99 in halyard rope in 4mm and 5mm.

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