Topper Mainsheet Options

by Andrew Dowley

Topper Mainsheets

The length of a topper main sheet is 12m in total, there are a few options for mainsheets based on the stock we currenty have.

The most popular by far is the 7mm evo sheet from Kingfisher. Soft on the hands, lightweight and it floats. Available in either blue and black or red and black.

Another option is a 6mm braid on braid if you would like a rope which is a little thinner. This rope is a little heavier than the 7mm evo sheet but comes in melange colours.

Moving up into larger thicknesses there are the 8mm braid on braid in white or melange. The thing to bear in mind is that the larger you go the heavier the rope is going to get, this will cause two issues, the main being the rope taking longer to roll through the pulleys. The other is that when going downwind in light airs the rope will drop down pulling the boom and sail in when you don't want it to be.

If you are looking for a high quality rope with dyneema then the 8mm gottifredi maffioli switfcord is an option picked by many of the Worlds top sailors. However, this of course comes at a more expensive price.

For other topper ropes please visit the our control lines rope section.

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