SK99 Dyneema now in stock!

by Andrew Dowley

Dyneema SK99 ropes have become more and more popular over the years, especially for people looking for that extra strength and reduction in stretch.

We're previously stocked Dyneema SK75 and SK78 ropes but now we have dyneema SK99 ropes available too.

The SK99 rope we stock is made by Maffioli in Italy and supplied by Kingfisher ropes. The DSK99 race dyneema rope from has a Dyneema SK99 pre-stretched coated core that gives ultimate strength and very low stretch. The rope has a HT polyester braided cover giving excellent abrasion resistance with extremely low weight.

The DSK99 race dyneema rope is perfect for halyards, control lines and kickers.

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4mm dyneema sk99 rope

5mm dyneema sk99 rope

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