Rope Splicing

How to Splice Rope

Being able to splice rope is a very handy skill when you have any sort of boat. Some people are better than others but we've found the easiest way to learn is to practice! The videos listed below are also the best way to see how to do it in the easiest way. Although these guys make it look very simple, leave a hand free to pause the video and a after a few you will also be a whizz.

The key is having the right tools, you can find splicing fids on our website.

D12 Locking Splice -

D12 Eye Splice -

Excel Fusion Taper -

Centre Take Off -

Excel Control Continuous -

Our Products

Pure Dyneema

Marlow 3mm D12 Dyneema

Kingfisher Maffioli 2mm Dyneema SK75

Kingfisher Maffioli 2.5mm Dyneema SK75

Kingfisher Maffioli 3mm Dyneema SK75

Kingfisher Maffioli 4mm Dyneema SK75

Kingfisher Maffioli 6mm Dyneema SK75

Continuous Control Lines

4mm Marlow Excel Control Rope

4mm Kingfisher Evolution Breeze Continuous Control Line

5mm Marlow Excel Control Rope

5mm Kingfisher Evolution Breeze Continuous Control Line

Taperable Ropes

4mm Tapered Rope - Dyneema Core

5mm Tapered Rope - Dyneema Core

6mm Tapered Rope - Dyneema Core

8mm Tapered Mainsheet Rope - Dyneema Core



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