Zhik 29er Grip II Hiking Strap

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Zhik 29er Grip II Hiking Toe Strap

Zhik 29er hiking and toe straps are designed to work closely with the Zhik boots. Together they will provide the best connection allowing you to hike harder and for longer, without hurting your feet.

The Zhik Grip II toe strap range have teeth on the underneath which integrate with the Zhik 360 and 560 sailing boots.

Zhik 29er hiking straps are made using a durable Nylon construction.


  • Position - Helm
  • Length - 1550mm
  • Width - 80mm
  • End1 - Straight/Loop
  • End2 - Straight/Loop
  • ZhikGrip Pattern

Straps sold separately, not in pairs.

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