SpeedSix HydraPRO 500ml

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SpeedSix HydraPRO - High Performance Hull Coating (500ml)

HydraPRO is the new high performance, hull coating from SpeedSix. Aimed at racing sail boats SpeedSix HydraPRO reduces the friction between the water surface and the boats hull thus improving efficiency and speed.

Formulated from Super-Hydrophobic ingredients, HydroPRO delivers a microscopic surface layer which repels the water away from your hull. The coating is applied in the same way as any hull wax and is ready for water immersion within 2 hours.

HydraPRO also provides a UV barrier to the surface it is applied to making it ideal for all GRP, FRP and modern carbon and composite hulls. HydroPRO is an endurance product that withstands salt water environments, continually protecting materials and reducing friction. Once applied and dried the coating will not wear off in water giving a sustained protection and performance.

This product comes complete with application instructions.

How much do I need?

High level recommendations based on experience to date:
  • Enterprise - 140ml
  • RS200 - 120ml
  • Solo - 90ml
  • Musto Skiff - 120ml (inc foredeck and pole)
  • SB20 - 200ml

As you can see, the can will last you a few applications on your hull.

What the customers say

Team Rolfe Use Speedsix HydraPRO "SpeedSix is a revolutionary product like no other in the sailing industry. After the first application of SpeedSix our reaction was YES! YES! And Yes! Not only does SpeedSix keep our RS Aero’s nice and clean but it also enhances boat performance. We certainly will be using SpeedSix forever!"

Ben Rolfe - RS Aero 

"It really was quick and easy to apply and drying time was no more than a coffee break. Pulling up the sails to go out I could see the spray from the lake beading on the hull in the sunshine; it gives you that little psychological edge that your boat is well prepared. My first weekend using Speedsix I posted some of my best open meeting results this season”

Mark Cooper - Musto Skiff

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