SpeedSix Dry Lubricant - 125ml Can

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SpeedSix Dry Lubricant

SpeedSix a high performance dry lubricant designed for sailing to reduce friction on all surfaces on all types of sailing boat from dinghies through to racing yachts.

SpeedSix has been developed by sailors and is formulated to be hard working and long lasting.

It is made from naturally occurring ingredients which are kind to you, your boat and the environment. Especially important for inland sailing and racing.

SpeedSix comes in a 125ml can.


  • Tracks, cars and sheeves
  • Carbon fibre, metal and composite surfaces
  • Hull application

How it works

SpeedSix sailing dry lubricant bonds to the surface it's applied to. This process takes between 4 hours and 24 hours to fully complete and is dependant on the material it is applied to and of course the weather and temperature. SpeedSix should ideally be applied in temperatures above 10 degrees and in a dry environment.

The chemistry behind SpeedSix makes it super hydrophobic and resistant to acids and salts found in salt water and the marine environment. This means it protects all the surfaces it is applied to as well as lubricating them.

Environmentally Friendly

SpeedSix is powered by Prolan which is 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non carcinogenic and most importantly certified safe to be used within the food chain. Once applied and dried it is safe for you, your boat and the environment.

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