Laser Spar Carrier

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Laser Spar Carrier - 5 Spars

The Laser Spar Carrier holds 5 spars and is great way to carry your spars safely on the Laser without damaging the boat.

The Laser Spar Carrier will allow you to carry an extra top section or two for those all important events. Simply rest your spars on top and secure them down, if you place the cover over the top when towing they won't move anywhere or bounce on the deck.

This Laser mast carrier can cater for a full, radial and 4.7 rig along with your boom and top section.

There are two parts to the Laser Spar carrier, the first part fits into the mast hole and the second part rests at the back of the cockpit.

It comes complete with shockcord and shockcord balls so you can feed it through the spar carrier to hold your spars safely in place while travelling.

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