Interview: Sam Whaley - New Sponsored Sailor

by Andrew Dowley
Sam Whaley Roll Tacking his Laser - Sailing Chandlery sponsored sailor

We are very pleased to welcome Sam Whaley to our team of sponsored sailors and are looking forward to working closely with him. Sam is currently campaigning in a Laser as part of the British Sailing Team.

We asked Sam a few questions.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself please?

I am 21 years old and a full time Laser sailor in the British Sailing Team, working hard to one day win an Olympic gold medal.

Being a bit of a techy after leaving school aged 18 I started an apprenticeship at Microsoft UK. Whilst it was awesome to work for a huge multi-national company I was unable to sail to the level I wanted to and soon realised I had a chance to qualify for the British Sailing Team. I soon took my life down a different path, leaving Microsoft to pursue my sailing dream full time and subsequently quailing for the British Sailing Team after finishing 8th at the Under-21 Europeans.

Product Review: Zhik Kollition Impact Protection Pants

by Andrew Dowley

Sponsored sailor Arabella reviews the new Zhik Kollition Impact Protection pants while sailing a Nacra 15 at the RYA Youth Nationals in Largs.

These impact protection pants/trousers are perfect if you are sailing fast boats, foiling boats, or maybe you just bruise easily.

Product LinkZhik Kollition Impact Protection Pants

Video Highlights

  • Good Fit
  • Comfortable
  • Impact protection on thigh, knee and bottom of the back
  • Pads can be removed
  • They can be worn underneath other sailing clothing, in this case the Zhik Superwarm
  • Didn't restrict movement
  • Very useful product

Interview: Ross Thompson - Two Times Youth Nationals Champion in the 420

by Andrew Dowley
Ross Thompson and Niamh win the 420 Youth National Championships

Another day and another interview, this time with Ross Thompson - two times RYA Youth Nationals winner in the 420 class.

Sailing Chandlery have sponsored Ross for a number of years now and it's great to see him winning events.

Congratulations on your victory in Largs, how does it feel?

It feels great to win the youth nationals again this year. It was a tough week with no racing on the first two days due to strong wind, but we eventually got racing and put in some consistent results. On the final day we needed to secure one top 7 finish and to go and win both races was incredible.

This year you sailed with Niamh, last year with Alex – how different are they both to sail with?

Alex and Niamh are both quite different people to sail with in the way they communicate. However they are both really good at making the boat go quick which is ultimately what you’re looking for in a good helm.

You’ve been sponsored by Sailing Chandlery (previously Dinghy Rope) for a number of years now, how does the sponsorship make a difference to your sailing?

The sponsorship makes a great difference to my sailing! Having access to the top of the range kit and ropes means I’m far less likely to be let down by gear failure and it means I’m very rarely cold on the water!

It’s still early in the main sailing season. What goals do you have this year?

My goals for this year are to try and medal at the Worlds and Europeans taking part in America and Portugal respectably in the summer.

Best bit of sailing clothing from the week?

The best piece of sailing kit from the week has got to be the Zhik superwarm skiff suit. It’s the warmest out there and certainly proved it’s worth with -4 degree wind chills on some days.

What’s the next event you’ll be taking part in?

The next event I will be competing in will be the first 470 olympic ranker of the spring series. This is to get some experience against the best sailors in the country.

Rope Offcuts

by Andrew Dowley
Rope Offcuts

As you can expect, we get through a lot of rope and there always tends to be that bit left at the end of a reel when we have to start a new reel.

Now is your chance to snap these rope offcuts up at bargain prices.

Have a look through the lists below, send us an email to with the code, your address and phone number and we will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.

If you have any questions about any of the ropes then please do feel free to give us a call on 07793 953564.

Search by diameter

Interview: William Harrison - Largs to Barcelona

by Andrew Dowley
William and Arabella leading the Nacra 15 fleet

Straight after the 2018 Youth Nationals recently held in Largs we spoke to sponsored sailor William Harrison.

Sailing Chandlery have supported William for a number of years through the Topper, 29er and now into the Nacra 15.

This was your second Youth Nationals, how did you prepare for this event? 

We have done a lot of training over the winter as part of the Nacra 15 youth squad, at both Weymouth and Plymouth as well as some independent sailing at Grafham. We also managed to get out on the Saturday and Sunday at LARGS before the racing started with coach Tom Walker.

What did you think of Largs as a venue, it’s obviously a long way from home.

Amazing place to sail, extremely scenic, but also extremely tricky due to the landscape, with complex wind coming from the land. Also extremely cold, most days we had wind chill of well below zero.

You managed to win Race 6 of the series, how did that feel? 

It felt amazing, given the tricky conditions on the Wednesday, we had a great start and managed to hold it for the race.

Can you tell us a little bit about the DNF later in the series, what happened? 

We had big winds on Friday and had a good position round the windward mark, with the boats all being very close, we had a huge wipeout  on the downwind leg, so hard that one of our boards fell out. This had to be retrieved by the support boat, so we could not claim a finish. 

Top piece of kit on your boat for the week? 

Having recent re-rigged the whole boat with Dyneema shockcord, this avoids any issues with lost bungee due to lost footings or capsizes. With the 2 heavy weather days it’s extremely important that the kit is as reliable as possible. 

Best bit of sailing clothing you used during the week?

Arabella and I rely heavily on the Zhik Superwarm range, this week was the first outing for my new super warm X which kept be warm even in the extreme conditions and the wind chill caused by the speeds we are travelling.

What’s the next event you’ll be taking part in? 

We only have 10 days at home before heading out to Barcelona for the Nacra 15 World Championships and Youth Olympics qualifier, there will be a 60 + boat fleet, we are looking forward to large fleet racing and some warmer weather. Our last international event was in Medemblik in the Netherlands and we are looking forward to competing hard against this competitive fleet again and helping team GBR qualify for the Youth Olympic games in October.

We will also have a few days with our coaches at the venue before the racing starts where we hope to have time to try out some of the new Marlow R8 rope.

Magic Marine: Our Top Picks

by Andrew Dowley
Magic Marine

We've had Magic Marine sailing clothing and accessories at Sailing Chandlery since January this year. More kit is arriving every week as we look to expand our offering.

Today we are taking a look at our top picks from the items we have available.

  1. Magic Marine Fleece Beanie Tube
  2. Magic Marine Thermo Socks
  3. Magic Marine Sunvisor
  4. Magic Marine Ladies Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Pink Melee
  5. Magic Marine Racing Overtop with Trapeze Hole

Training Sails - a great way to refresh your boat

by Andrew Dowley
Training Sails

Training Sails

In 2017 we added another product range to our ever growing range of sailing equipment in the form of training sails for a few of the more popular sailing boats.

Sailing Chandlery now offer training sails for the Laser, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Topper, 29er, Nacra 15 and Nacra 17.

If you are not attending class official events then training sails are a great way to save some cash. They can also be used in between official class events for your time on the water club racing or training, this will allow you to keep your official class sails fresh and event ready.

NEW Sailing Boots in stock at Sailing Chandlery

by Andrew Dowley
Magic Marine Ultimate 2 Sailing Boots

Magic Marine Sailing Boots in Stock

Although we've been stocking the Zhik sailing boot range for quite some time now we felt that a cheaper option is needed for our customers.

With this in mind we've expanded our sailing boots and have added the Magic Marine Ultimate 2 sailing boot.

This boot is a 4mm neoprene sailing boot which has a zip rather than the lace up system offered on most of our other boots. It is made with a strong double rubber construction and has hard wearing areas in all of the usual places.

Sailing Chandlery Sponsor RS200 and Enterprise Series

by Andrew Dowley

Sailing Chandlery Sponsor RS200 Northern Tour and Enterprise National Series

Sailing Chandlery are very pleased to be supporting the RS200 and Enterprise sailors by sponsoring their racing series.

The RS200 Northern Tour kicks off on the 7th April and the Enterprise events kick off on the 14th April.

We look forward to tracking the results and reports from the racing. Good luck to everyone taking part!

How to change the time on your Optimum Time sailing watch

by Andrew Dowley
Change the time on your Optimum Time sailing watch

It's nearly that time of year when you have to push all the buttons and pray to your Optimum Time watch in order to change the time.....

Here is our quick guide on how to change the time on your Optimum Time sailing watch.

  1. Keep pressing the mode button until the time is displayed
  2. Hold down the clear button until the time starts to flash
  3. Press the prog button until the correct hour is shown
  4. Press mode to move to minutes
  5. Press the prog button if you want to change the minutes
  6. Once finished press the clear button

Happy sailing!

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