by Andrew Dowley


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Evolution Breeze - Continuous Control Line Rope

by Andrew Dowley
Evolution Breeze - Continuous Control Line Rope

Continuous Control Line Rope

There are more and more ropes coming onto the market which are suitable for use as control lines on your sailing dinghy.

In this article we are going to look at Evolution Breeze which is the continuous control line option from Kingfisher Ropes. The rope is available in 4mm and 5mm diameters which will take care of the large majority of your control line requirements.

Sailing Chandlery to support Top Class award at Selden SailJuice Series

by Andrew Dowley
Selden Sail Juice Series - Sailing Chandlery Top Class Award

Sailing Chandlery Support Top Class Award

The newly rebranded Selden SailJuice winter series kicks off this weekend with the first event, the Draycote Dash.

112 boats have entered for the weekend of racing which sees Saturday round the cans racing followed by a non discardable pursuit race on Sunday. Reading through the names that have entered it's great to see many of our customers taking part, hopefully you'll continue for the rest of the events around the country.

Sailing Stocking Fillers for Laser Sailors

by Andrew Dowley
Laser Sailors Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers for Laser Sailors

The big C word is nearly upon us, just over 6 weeks until Santa will be jumping down your chimney to deliver some nice new sailing bits to you ahead of 2019.

As a Laser Performance authorised dealer for the Laser boats and spare parts we thought it would be helpful for you if we identified some popular Laser items which would make perfect stocking fillers. Pass this article onto Santa and the elves in your house hold to ensure they've got some great sailing gift ideas.

Laser Sails and Sail Numbers

by Andrew Dowley
Laser Sails and Laser Sail Numbers

Laser Sails and Numbers

As an authorised Laser Peformance dealer we are able to supply class legal Laser sails as well as the training sail options Laser Peformance provide.

Currently, there are three different levels of sail available for the Laser 1 sailing dinghy:

  • Class Legal Official Sail
  • Class Compliant Sail
  • Training Sail

This will change moving into 2019 but we'll update you when we know more.

You can read more about the Laser sails and types in more detail on our previous blog post.

On top of the different levels there are also different sizes:

  • Laser Standard
  • Laser Radial
  • Laser 4.7

We quite often get the question asked about what sail numbers and sail letters should be used on the different sizes of sails.

Here is what size sail numbers and sail letters should be used on each type of sail:

  • Standard MKII - 300mm
  • Laser Radial - 300mm
  • Laser 4.7 - 230mm

We have both sizes of sail number in stock along with GBR sail letters in black.

Measurement at official Laser events is extremely tight and if you get a number of letter in the wrong place they won't let you race. Make sure you take time to stick numbers and letters onto your Laser sails and make sure you always have the rule book to hand. Planning how to stick them on before getting into it might save you a silly mistake.

The latest Laser Class Rules can be found on the ILCA website.

Boat Winter Maintenance Essentials

by Andrew Dowley

Boat Winter Maintenance Essentials

For many sailors the winter is a time to hang their wetsuit up and get on with the decorating at home....

Also on your list of jobs might be some tasks to get your boat ready again for the 2019 sailing season. If you're anything like me you'll make the list in October and maybe get to it by Feburary, if you're lucky - this is the year to get the jobs done early.

Most Popular

Over winter, here are the items we find most popular with our customers.

  • Gelcoat
  • ProGrip
  • Slot Gaskets
  • Boat Polish
  • Blocks
  • Ropes
  • Splicing Tools

Sailing Rules of Thumb: Rule #4 The Reach

by Andrew Dowley
George Cousins - Sailing Rules of Thumb

Sailing Rules of Thumb: Rule #3 The Reach

George Cousins is a freelance sailing/race coach and a Sailing Chandlery sponsored sailor. In this series of articles he is covering his Sailing Rules of Thumb walking us through the race course and what you should be trying to do.

In the previous article we discussed the first beat and windward mark. Now we move onto the reach, examining tactics, strategy and some boat speed tips.

Product Review: Zhik Robert Scheidt Hikers

by Andrew Dowley
Robert Scheidt Hiking Wetsuit Review

Sailing Chandlery sponsored sailor Sam Whaley reviews the Zhik Robert Scheidt Hiking wetsuits which are available in Microfleece and Superwarm designs.

These World class hikers are the latest in the Zhik hiking range and were designed by 9 x Laser World Champion Robert Scheidt. They are very comfortable, sit well on you whilst sailing and with the pads already built in you don’t have to worry about them slipping down whilst sailing. Here I am going to review both the Microfleece and Superwarm variants and hopefully give you a good idea on which pair you should buy.

New Laser? Two free sails when you buy a brand new Laser

by Andrew Dowley
Laser sailing dinghy winter deal

New Laser Sailing Dinghy - Winter Deal

If you're thinking of buying a brand new Laser sailing dinghy this winter then call us now, we have an amazing deal available while stocks last.

We are an authorised Laser Performance dealer and can build you a custom boat package designed to meet your exact needs.

Limited Time Winter Boat Deal

For a limited time only, buy a new boat package from Sailing Chandlery and we'll give you:

  • A free Laser training sail
  • A free Laser class compliant sail
  • A pair of Zhik sailing boots
  • A Zhik Grip II hiking strap
  • Laser long sail bag for rolling your sail

Why not chop and change the sails so you have different sizes to play with for different conditions? You'll just need to add a mast section to your package.

Laser Boat Package

The additional winter deal items are on top of our standard boat package deals which already include:

  • Laser boat ice blue hull
  • Mast including carbon top section
  • Foils
  • XD carbon tiller and extension
  • Rope/line kit
  • XD kit
  • Class legal sail with battens (you choose your size, 4.7, radial or standard MKII)
  • Breathable boat cover
  • Launching trolley

We can also add extras on top at the same time if you are looking for something else, for example many customers add a road trailer.

You can view our boat packages using the links below:


Why not call Andrew today on 07793 953564 for a custom quotation. We can work out the best deal for you based on your requirements and location.

Towing your boat

by Andrew Dowley

We saw the below video online the other day and it made me think about how many people just load up their boats, throw them on a trailer and off they go. If you do it wrong you can see what could happen.

Since we've had our big event trailer I've had to attend a trailer training course and then take the DVLA test. For me it was really helpful in learning so many things about towing, everything from loading up correctly to what you should and shouldn't do. It also allowed me to perfect the techniques for reversing with a trailer - how many of you could honestly reverse a trailer back down a single track lane?

Over the years we've been fully loaded up and have gone as far as Ibiza and Southern Germany and have (touch wood) had to problems.

Dinghy Cover – Protect your boat this winter

by Andrew Dowley
Dinghy Covers

Winter will soon be here and as the weather starts to get colder you should be thinking about how you keep your boat protected. Even if you are planning on sailing your dinghy over the winter it will need protection when not being used.

Sailing Chandlery provide a range of dinghy covers which are suitable for a number of classes, they are made in the UK from the latest top quality materials to ensure your cover lasts and protects your boat.

There are two options for over covers, either PVC or a breathable poly cotton material. For under covers we provide them in nylon and they are great if you’re doing a lot of towing to various events.

Free UK delivery on Clothing