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New Zhik Sailing Boots

by Andrew Dowley
New Zhik Sailing Boots

New Zhik Sailing Boots Range

In 2019 Zhik will be releasing their new sailing boot range. For years the existing boots have been leading the market with their innovative design, comfort and long lasting materials.

The existing 260, 460 and 160 boots will be replaced by new models and there will also be the introduction of a split toe boot.

We're really excited to see the final product, the samples we saw in August looked fasntastic! The new sailing boots are expected to be delivered to us at the end of February ready for the Dinghy Show. If you are going to the show then please do come by our stand, have a look and take the chance to try a pair on.

Nutrition for Sailing

by Andrew Dowley
Nutrition for Sailing

What should you be eating for sailing?

In this article sponsored sailor and sailing coach George Cousins will outline what to eat and drink before during and after sailing to increase performance, energy levels and boost concentration.

Take Home Points

In the summer months it is very easy to get dehydrated so drink plenty and carry more water on the boat than you think you’ll need.

  • Don’t shun protein. Moderate amounts of protein will boost performance. Also amino acids assist the uptake of carbohydrate (glycogen replenishment) into the body so you will be less sore and tired after a long day on the water
  • Eating foods with sustained release energy will help settle pre race nerves.
  • Carry at least 1 litre of sports drink on your boat.
  • When afloat we are limited in how much food we can carry. Accordingly pack nutrient foods. Energy bars, gels and even dark chocolate are very dense in calories but are compact enough to fit in your lifejacket, or you could buy a small dry bag to hold the items
  • At a championship keep food and water in your dinghy park space so it is readily available.
  • Avoid sugar and junk food. This will unsettle blood sugar levels which may disrupt mood, raise stress levels and impair concentration.

Zhik Superwarm V

by Andrew Dowley
Zhik Superwarm V

Why should you buy a Zhik Superwarm V wetsuit?

The Zhik Superwarm range has been around for a number of years. From their initial red lined suits, through to their yellow lined suits and now they have the Superwarm X and Superwarm V range. You would be hard pushed to attend a colder months sailing event and not see these wetsuits being worn.

In this article we are going to focus on the Superwarm V range of wetsuit products which includes a steamer, winter sailing tops and winter skiff suits.

What can you expect from Superwarm V?

  • Quality
  • Tested products which have had feedback from Olympic and World champions
  • Comfort
  • Warmth (the clue's in the name)
  • 4 Way Super Stretch neoprene in key areas
  • ZhikTex II superior abraision resistance
  • 3D body mapped fit

The Advantages of Using Dyneema Trapeze Lines

by Andrew Dowley
Dyneema trapeze lines

The Advantages of Using Dyneema Trapeze Lines

About dyneema

Dyneema is one of the World's strongest fibres, it is quickly becoming the go to product to replace heavy and hard to work with wire.

Dyneema rope characteristics:

  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV Resistant

RS Aero Harken Blocks

by Andrew Dowley
RS Aero Harken Blocks

RS Aero Harken Blocks

The RS Aero is fast becoming one of the most popular single handers on the UK market and also across the World. Available with three different rigs it provides options for weight just as the Laser does.

In this article we take a look at the Harken blocks which are used on the RS Aero and direct you straight to the product pages for your replacement pulley blocks.

SystemBlock Part NumberProduct Link
Mainsheet 2135
Mainsheet 2149
Downhaul and Outhaul 2158 
Outhaul 404 
Traveller Block 2649
Downhaul and Outhaul 2698
Kicker 348
Kicker 405
Kicker 406
Kicker 2650

Other RS Aero Products and Useful Information

RS Aero Rope Lengths

RS Aero Carbon Tiller Extension

2019 RYA Dinghy Show

by Andrew Dowley
RYA Dinghy Show 2019 - Sailing Chandlery

RYA Dinghy Show

For the third year we are pleased to announce that Sailing Chandlery will once again be at the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace in March.

Being an online company means that we don't get to meet many of our customers, the RYA Dinghy Show is a great opportunity for us to show our faces and meet the fantastic customers we speak to and serve throughout the year.

The show is also a great chance for you to kick start your sailing season by checking out all of the latest products - we won't let you down on that side with plenty of new products already on order, as a teaser you'll be seeing new boots from Zhik, new rope products, additional product ranges for us as well as all of the usual items.

2018 Wrap Up

by Andrew Dowley
Sailing Chandlery - Number 1 rated sailing company TrustPilot

It's fair to say that 2018 has been another whirlwind year for us here at Sailing Chandlery.

Starting the year as Dinghy Rope we rebranded in February moving to a more generic and less focussed name which could allow us to continue to grow opening new doors into the sailing market along the way.

In January we signed up to be an official Laser Performance parts and boat supplier, an amazing addition to our expanding range and we continue to ship parts around the World.

In early March the snow hit, we arrived at the Dinghy Show to set up to be told that it might be cancelled... You can imagine the look on my face! Luckily it did go ahead and it was a very good weekend for us, double the stand space from the previous year and partnering with our friends from Zhik worked well - our biggest challenge was selling two boats at the show from the Laser Performance stand, how were we going to get them back? Onto planning the 2019 show now.

As well as adding a huge range of Laser, Pico, Vago, Bahia and other Laser Performance parts into stock we have also continued to expand in other areas based on customer feedback. The newest addition are the SpeedSix carbon tiller extensions which are selling very well.

We've been on the road more this year and will continue to do so in 2019. It's great to be out meeting our customers and talking to new ones.

July and the Laser Nationals saw a panic phone call from sponsored sailor Sam Whaley, currently leading the Laser nationals and his Zhik toe strap had broken - no problem for the team here, a new one off to Sam that day to arrive before 9am the next morning. He continued to sail a great week and came away with the win!

Although we've done less sailing this year, mainly due to two young kids and a wife with a torn achilles tendand we did attend the Tornado nationals in September coming away with a very respecatble 3rd place.

Sponsorships for 2018

In 2018 we sponsored the most events we ever have across a number of different fleets.

  • Topper NS1 at Marconi
  • Laser Thames Valley Grand Prix
  • RS200 Northern Tour
  • Solo Midlands Tour
  • Enterprise National Circuti
  • Firefly Nationals
  • GJW Direct and now Selden Sail Juice Series
  • East Coast Piers Race
  • POSH
  • Laser Open at Hunts SC
  • D Zero Inlands

We also now have an army of 17 sponsored sailors across the country sailing various types of boats. They are out most weekend banging the Sailing Chandlery drum, testing new products for us and feeding back so we can improve.

For the third year in a row we've finished up as the TrustPilot number one rated sailing company - something we're very proud of.

It would seem very wrong to wrap up this article and 2018 without saying a huge thank you to all of our customers. Every day we see orders from new and exisiting customers and we simply wouldn't be here without you and we look forward to speaking to you in the new year.

For those of you who have signed up to our newsletter, enjoy the email hitting your inbox on new years day.

Product Review: Zhik PFD Buoyancy Aid

by Andrew Dowley
Zhik PFD Buoyancy Aid - Product Review

Zhik PFD Buoyancy Aid

In this article we are going to take a look at one of the most popular Zhik sailing products we have in stock, the Zhik PFD.

Available in a number of different colours the Zhik PFD buoyancy aid has been popular since we added them to the shelf. As well as the original PFD we also stock the PFD2 which is designed to be closer to your body and would be ideal for skiff sailors.

Laser Rig Packages

by Andrew Dowley
Laser Rig Packages

Laser Rig Packages

If you sail a Laser you'll already know that a major advantage of owning a Laser is the quick and easy ability to swap rigs depending on weather conditions.

Speak to most Laser sailors and they'll have a few different rig options, this is especially useful if you want to go faster in the light airs or if you want to control the boat better in the strong gusty conditions.

The Laser is available with three different rig sizes:

  1. Laser 4.7 - Designed for youth sailors with a smaller sail
  2. Laser Radial - 19% smaller than the standard sail and popular with smaller adults, youth and ladies
  3. Laser Standard - the full Laser with larger sail

Magic Marine Winter Wetsuits

by Andrew Dowley
Magic Marine Winter Wetsuits

Magic Marine Winter Wetsuits

We've been stocking Magic Marine sailing clothing at Sailing Chandlery since the beginning of 2018.

One of the most popular wetsuit products over that time has been the Magic Marine Ultimate 4mm long john wetsuit (skiff suit) which is available for both men and women.

Free UK delivery on Clothing