10 reasons to come and see Sailing Chandlery at the RYA Dinghy Show

by Andrew Dowley
Sailing Chandlery at the RYA Dinghy Show

For the second year we are exhibiting at the RYA Dinghy Show but this time under our new name of Sailing Chandlery. You can find us on stand F14 in the West Hall, not far from the main stage. The same location as last year but with double the space!

Here are 10 reasons why you should come and visit us over the show weekend.

  1. Zhik Clearance Items - Let's just say, if you're looking for Zhik kit then you really should come and see us, we have some never seen before discounts on a number of items. This includes the popular Zhik Superwarm range, Titanium Tops and Deckbeater shorts. Available while stocks last so be quick!
  2. Rope Off Cuts - If you're looking for some odd bits of string then come and see us, we have LOADS of off cuts that we've been collecting over the past 12 months. Inside the box are basic polyesters, dyneema ropes and everything up to Gottifredi Maffioli Swiftcord and Marlow Excel Fusion. As well as rope off cuts we'll also have rope racks with all the normal popular rope products from our friends at Kingfisher and Marlow.
  3. NEW Zhik Wetsuits - We'll have the new Superwarm X, Superwarm V and Microfleece V range on display and available to buy - come and see what's changed and how Zhik have pushed the limits to improve their already fantastic wetsuits. A new price point for the V helps the weekend warrior making their suits more affordable.
  4. Harken Hardwear - We will have our full range of Harken products available including shackles, blocks, cleats and accessories. Come and have a browse and discuss the options with us.
  5. SAVE on the Zhik Junior range - Zhik released their first Junior products at the end of last year, we'll have a number of items on show, available to try on and buy. The same quality as the Zhik adult range but at a fantastic price.
  6. NEW Zhik products - We will have the latest Zhik clothing items on display while stocks last. This includes the new dinghy smock, gloves, jackets and much more.
  7. Splicing Demos - On Saturday we'll be offering splicing demos on our stand, the idea is to run one every hour of the show or on an ad hoc basis. We can also advice you on the best splicing kit to buy to keep your boat serviced.
  8. Magic Marine - We will have a selection of Magic Marine products on show to complement our exisiting sailing clothing.
  9. Laser Kit for Sale - As an official Laser parts dealer we'll have a variety of spare parts and sails available for you to buy on the day. Come and have a chat to us and see how we can support you in your Laser sailing in 2018.
  10. Loads of items on show - Sail repair tape, cleats, splicing kit, tiller extensions, training/replica sails, gelcoat, bungs, hooks, clips, accessories, nuts, bolts, sunglasses, knives, caps, winter hats, helmets, sailing boots and LOADS more. 

We hope to see you there over the weekend!

X vs V - The new Zhik wetsuits!

by Andrew Dowley

For years Zhik have been market leaders in creating fantastic wetsuits which are tested by some of the best sailing athletes across the World.

For 2018 Zhik are splitting their wetsuit ranges introducing two new levels of wetsuit in both the Superwarm and Microfleece wetsuits, they are called X and V.

Superwarm X & V

The new Superwarm wetsuits will offer sailors a choice of features and insulation over a wider range of budgets and will be on show for the first time in the UK at the RYA Dinghy Show (03-04 March, Alexandra Palace, London). Come along to the Sailing Chandlery stand (next to Zhik) to purchase your new Zhik wetsuit for 2018.

Dyneema Ropes in Stock

by Andrew Dowley

Dyneema Ropes in Stock at Sailing Chandlery

49 different types of dyneema rope in stock at Sailing Chandlery. We stock everything from 2mm through to 10mm and can source dyneema rope of any thickness.

Dinghy Rope is now Sailing Chandlery

by Andrew Dowley
Dinghy Rope is now Sailing Chandlery

Dinghy Rope changes name to Sailing Chandlery

After nearly 6 years in business we've decided to change our name which is effective immediately. We are changing from Dinghy Rope to Sailing Chandlery.

Why have we done this?

Over the past 6 years we've expanded our stock far and wide. Whilst we still have over 100 reels of rope in stock, we do sell many other items including shackles, pulleys, cleats, sailing clothing and much much more.

Unfortunately we still have people say to us 'oh, you don't just sell rope'.

The name change allows us to expand further into other areas.  We already serve a number of yacht and keelboat customers for example, but the name Dinghy limits us.

It's the same for the Rope part of our name.

We hope that the new name Sailing Chandlery will help us continue our growth and build further awareness of the products and services we offer today and plan to offer in the future.

For the moment everything stays the same, it's the same website just with a different logo and website address. If you've got vouchers you can still redeem them in the normal way. If we've offered to sponsor you or your events that will continue, just under the new name.

If you have any questions we would be happy to discuss them with you via e-mail or phone.

Lastly, thank you for your support and custom over the years, we wouldn't be where we are today without our customers. It seems like a long time ago we started our company with six 100m reels from Marlow Ropes.

New Sailing Boots Coming!

by Andrew Dowley
Sailing Boots at Online Chandlery Sailing Chandlery

New Sailing Boots Coming to our Online Chandlery

For a few years now we've stocked the excellent range of Zhik sailing boots in our online chandlery.

Zhik have a really good range of sailing boots which includes yacht/keelboat and dinghy boots. The most popular of the range are the Zhik 260 and Zhik 160 which are high cut and ankle sailing boots.

Laser Dinghy Parts

by Andrew Dowley
Laser Dinghy Parts

Laser Dinghy Parts

Sailing Chandlery are proud to announce that we are now an official Laser parts dealer supplying official class legal Laser dinghy parts.

There is currently a real hole in the South East where sailors are not able to get hold of parts quickly or without paying huge shipping on items such as Laser spars.

Tips to Boost Your Sailing Fitness This Winter

by Andrew Dowley

We spoke to sponsored sailor George Cousins to get some tips about keeping fit and getting ready for sailing in the spring. He has put together this article for our website.

George Cousins is a freelance sailing coach and personal trainer based in the Solent. He is a former member of the British Sailing Team and now coaches full time. As a qualified strength and conditioning coach and a keen sailor, George specialises in developing the physical performance of sailors, athletes and trainees on and off the water.

Please note, it is your choice to take part in what is suggested below, please ensure you are fit and healthy before taking part.

Take Home Points

  • Improving your hiking fitness will always improve boat speed.
  • For weekend warriors, 2-3 quality fitness sessions each week will have a big impact.
  • Boosting hiking fitness allows you to stay more relaxed in the boat, boost cognitive performance, make better decisions and enjoy your windy sailing more!
  • Thick hiking pads will help to raise the backside out of the water so the boat can sail flat(er)
  • A good toe strap and boot combination will keep you locked into the boat, allowing you to sail with less heel keeping the helm neutral and the rig and foils more efficient.

There is no getting around it; a boat’s upwind speed is directly linked to the amount of leverage the crew can apply. Whatever your ability, having the strength and endurance to move your centre of mass outboard and keep it there will allow you to sail faster. In this series of articles we will look at ways to boost your sailing fitness, starting with Hiking.

More Sailing Clothing at Dinghy Rope

by Andrew Dowley

More Sailing Clothing at Dinghy Rope

We're pleased to tell you that over the past month we've added lots more sailing clothing to our online chandlery website.

The large majority of the new kit available is from Magic Marine which complements the existing Zhik sailing clothing we have in stock. We've tried to pick products which are different to expand our range while also looking at the various pricing structures to appeal to more people.

Magic Marine Sailing Bags

by Andrew Dowley
Magic Marine Sailing Bags

New Sailing Bags

With the addition of Magic Marine sailing clothing and accessories at Dinghy Rope this month we've also added some of their sailing bags to our stock.

We've started with three of their sailing bags initially, they come in 60L, 95L and 125L sizes.

Rope Splicing at Dinghy Rope

by Andrew Dowley
Rope Splicing Service from Dinghy Rope

Rope Splicing Service

We are pleased to announce that Dinghy Rope are now offering a rope splicing service to our customers.

Although we've been offering this to many customers since we launched we've also kept it quiet due to lack of time to complete the tasks. In 2017 we've hired new staff members who are now fully up to speed and can help provide rope splicing and tapering to our customers.