New Zhik Sailing Boots

by Andrew Dowley
New Zhik Sailing Boots

New Zhik Sailing Boots Range

In 2019 Zhik will be releasing their new sailing boot range. For years the existing boots have been leading the market with their innovative design, comfort and long lasting materials.

The existing 260, 460 and 160 boots will be replaced by new models and there will also be the introduction of a split toe boot.

We're really excited to see the final product, the samples we saw in August looked fasntastic! The new sailing boots are expected to be delivered to us at the end of February ready for the Dinghy Show. If you are going to the show then please do come by our stand, have a look and take the chance to try a pair on.

It's important to note that the Zhik 360 and Zhik 560 hiking sailing boots will remain the same for 2019. These boots have the Zhik Grip II system ready for the hiking straps.

Zhik 270 Sailing Boots

Replacing the Zhik 260 sailing boot the 270 is the new evolution of the 4mm neoprene sailing boot. For us the 260 has been the most popular sailing boot we sell, we're expecting the 270 to take over and lead our boot sales.


  • 4mm neoprene
  • Even more grip
  • Quick lock lacing system
  • Improved ankle strap design
  • More support for your feet built in
  • Arch support from new moulded sole
  • Firm and close fit with comfort
  • 2mm rubber upper for added protection against hiking straps for example

Pre order your Zhik 270 sailing boots today for delivery in March.

Zhik 270 sailing boots

Zhik 470 Sailing Boots

The 470 boot replaced the exisiting 460 2mm neoprene sailing boot.


  • 2mm neoprene
  • Even more grip
  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Quick lock lacing system
  • Better feel for the boat with thinner materials used
  • Firm and close fit with comfort

Pre order your Zhik 470 sailing boots today for delivery in March.

Zhik 470 sailing boots

Zhik 170 Sailing Boots

We expect this to be the summer favourite from the Zhik boot range. Replacing the 160 sailing boot the new 170 model will be perfect for warmer conditions and trapezing.

To date the 160 sailing boot has been our second most popular, expecially over summer as you would expect.


  • Low profile boot for use with foot/hiking straps
  • Even more grip
  • Quick drying
  • New ankle seal design helps keep debris and excess water out

Pre order your Zhik 170 sailing boots today for delivery in March.

Zhik 170 sailing boots

Sailing Boots Range

Our existing sailing boots range can be viewed thorugh the sailing boots page of our website.


As always, if you have questions about the new Zhik boots then please do get in touch, we are always happy to answer your questions. If you're at the RYA Dinghy Show in March then pop by our stand and try a pair on.


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