Dart 16

Dart 16 Rope Lengths

Dart 16 rope lengths and thicknesses for your mainsheet, halyard, jib sheets and more.

Dart 16 rope lengths
RopeQuantityLengthThicknessBudgetMid Range
Main Sheet 1 TBC 8mm 8mm Evo Sheet N/A 
Main Halyard 1 22m 5mm 5mm 8 Plait Pre Stretched Rope 5mm Kingfisher Evolution Race
Jib Sheet 1 8.5m 7mm 7mm Evo Sheet N/A
Traveller Rope 1 1.3m 7mm 7mm Evo Sheet N/A
Trampoline Corners 4 1.1m 3mm N/A  3mm Dyneema Rope
Aft Trampoline 1 4m 5mm 5mm Kingfisher Evolution Performance N/A
Capsize Rope/Righting Line 1 5m 8mm 8mm Evo Sheet N/A
Toestrap Trim 2 0.6m 5mm 5mm Kingfisher Evolution Performance  N/A
Middle of Trampoline 2 0.6m 6mm 6mm Kingfisher Evo Performance  N/A
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