Rope Stoppers Balls

Rope Stopper Balls

Rope stopper balls for shockcord and rope, ideal for stopping your rope from coming undone.

Available in various colours.


Extra small ball (17mm diameter) - overall width 17mm, small hole is 4mm, large hole is 8mm.

Small balls can be used for ropes between 3 and 4 mm thickness.

Small ball (22mm diameter) - overall width 22mm, small hole is 7mm, large hole is 9mm.

Large balls can be used for ropes between 4 and 6 mm thickness.

Large ball (32mm diameter) - overall width 32mm, small hole is 9mm, large hole is 15mm.

Extra Large (44mm diameter) - overall width 44mm, small hole is 12mm, large hole is 25mm.

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