Harken 29mm Carbo Air Block with Removable Bolt

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29mm Harken Carbo Air Block with Removable Bolt

Low-friction Harken 29mm Carbo AirBlocks® from Harken are lightweight, strong, reliable and affordable.

This 29mm block has been popular with Harken customers for many years for a range of halyard and control line systems. This variation comes with a removable bolt through the middle so it can be undone and connected to various locations on your boat.

Please do be careful when you remove the bolt and make sure you keep both of the block sides together to ensure the ball bearings don't come out.

This pulley block most popular with Laser sailors and can be used to attach to the deck plate at the bottom of the mast to provide an upgraded pulley system.


  • Sheave Ø (mm) - 29 mm
  • Length (mm) - 49 mm
  • Weight (g) - 23 g
  • Maximum line Ø (mm) - 8 mm
  • Maximum working load (kg) - 150 kg
  • Breaking load (kg) - 454 kg

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