4mm Excel D12 Dyneema

4mm Marlow Excel D12 Dyneema

Marlow Excel 4mm D12 dyneema rope is perfect for control lines, trapeze lines, outhauls, downhauls, windsurfers, reefing lines, backstays and kickers. It is also very popular amoung Catamaran sailors for kite pole bridals.

This Marlow 4mm dyneema has an average breaking strain of 2,056kg.


  • Lightweight – reduces on-board weight.
  • Very strong – excellent for lashing and for metal shackle replacement
  • Minimal stretch - keeps rig taught and perfectly set
  • Marlow ArmourCoat, increases the life of the rope by reducing UV and abrasion fatigue.
  • Does not absorb water so floats and remains light weight when sailing.
  • Quick and easy to splice, less time preparing the boat more time on the water.

How to create a locking splice


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