Harken Cleats

Harken Cleats and Jammers

Harken cleats and jammers are the best in the industry (in our view). We have a good range of Harken cleats and accessories available with great prices and fast delivery.

The Harken 468 cleat remains popular with smaller dinghies while the Harken 365 cleat and Harken 150 cleat are used for larger systems such as mainsheet cleats. The Harken Micro Cam Base cleat with Swivel can be found on high performance catamarans and dinghies such as the 49er.

Add extra colour to your boats cleat systems by using any of the Harken accessories such as the colourful fairleads. We also have fixtures available if you need bolts, screws, rivets etc.

If you don't see the product you're looking for then please give us a call as we will be able to source it quickly for you.

Save 7%
£5.75 £5.35 / item
Harken 475 Micro Fairlead Save 7%
£6.51 £6.05 / item
Harken 298 Standard Fairlead Save 7%
£8.94 £8.32 / item
Harken 375 Save 6%
£17.03 £15.94 / fairlead
Harken Micro Carbo-Cam Cleat 471 Save 10%
£25.89 £23.30 / item
Harken Standard Carbo-Cam Cleat Save 11%
£28.87 £25.59 / item
Harken Standard Carbo-Cam Cleat Save 11%
£29.24 £25.99 / item