5 Great Dinghy Accessories for Sailing

by Andrew Dowley

Today we’ve been looking at some of the sailing accessories we have available at Dinghy Rope. We decided to write a guide to explain our top 5 dinghy accessories for sailing in 2017.

The article is based on some of our favourites while also looking at essentials whether you’re new to sailing or are a racing pro.

Our top 5 sailing accessories

  1. Burgee
  2. Praddel
  3. Sail Tell Tales
  4. Sailing Knife
  5. Handheld Rope Cutting Tool

Number One – Burgee

I doubt there is anyone out there who hasn’t yet sailed using a burgee, especially when racing.

A small metal rod with material attached to the top, your burgee will blow in the wind and rotate to show you where the wind is coming from. An essential tool for racing which is usually fitted to the top of your boats mast.

Number Two – Praddel

Ever been stuck out there, wind dies and you can’t get back without using your hands to paddle….. This is where the praddel is an excellent tool, it’s designed so you can use it with one hand while still steering the boat. A massive bonus if you don’t have a crew to paddle for you.

With the praddel design being flat and lightweight it’s quite easy to strap to the boat or tie to a toe strap or center board casing.

Number Three – Sail Tell Tales

Tell tales help you perfect your sailing. Anyone can get the hang of making a boat move but having tell tales in the right place on your sail and getting them to flow in the right direction can be a more tricky task, especially if you’re a beginner.

We have two types of tell tales in stock at Dinghy Rope, Main Sail Tell Tales or normal wool tell tales. Both easily stick onto your sail, make sure you apply them to a clean and dry area of the sail.

Number Four – Sailing Knife

A sailing knife is one of those sailing accessories that you hope you won’t need to use, but it’s always handy to have one available.

Dinghy Rope stock 5 different types of sailing knives, two of them are perfect for taking on the water. Our most popular is the Rescue Knife which comes complete with a sharp hook end which helps to cut ropes quickly. The other is a yellow lightweight floating knife.

Number Five - Handheld Rope Cutting Tool

When these were released they were a real game changer. Easy to have in your bag, heat up quickly and you can cut and seal your ropes in the dinghy park.

These rope cutting tools are easily recharged with a can of lighter fluid. They also have a safety catch to prevent them lighting accidently.

What do you think?

What do you think? Are there any other dinghy accessories you would add to our list?


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